First Orchestra Concert Of The Year

The students fiddled with their instruments as the director waited for tuning to be over. A few of them were whispering nervously. Then the director raised her hands and the orchestra went silent, waiting to begin. At 7:30 pm on November 7th the City High and Southeast orchestras played a concert together for their parents and admirers. The concert started out with 7th graders then 8th. After the Southeast orchestras performed their six songs, the high school orchestra took the stage. First up, the City High Concert Orchestra played their three songs showing the pieces they’ve learned throughout first trimester. After performing two songs, the 8th graders joined Concert Orchestra to play Pirates of the Caribbean. To end the night, the most advanced orchestra showed their talents. Symphony Orchestra played their three songs–Hungarian Dance no. 1, Waltz no. 2 from Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra, and finished the night off with Perseus. They will have their winter performance at the end of second trimester.