LIVE Tweets by Davis Vonk from Obama Speech in Iowa City

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Obama speaks at the field house in Iowa City. Photo by Davis Vonk


People are everywhere. Lines eager supporters zig-zag around the Field House just waiting to get in. Shoulder to shoulder everyone crams into the fenced off area designated to the public.


Spunky boys choir sang “All the Small Things” and “Beautiful Girl”. More and more people pack into the constrained space. Secret service, headphones in ear and blackberries at the ready guard every corner.


City High student Abe Kline ’10 pokes his head up from the crowd. Can you find him? Hint: in the middle, wearing white.


Crowd chants I-O-W-A Barak Obama all the way!


Crowd next to podium gets fires up the rest of the crowd by chanting go go go Obama! Go go Barak Obama!

Crowd said pledge of allegiance, watched the national anthem and Barack poked is head out of the curtain provoking applause.


Kathleen sebelis (check spell) secretary of human health services (check title) former gov of Kansas opens for Obama. Sebelis warms up with talk of the panthers crushing her beloved Kansas who was supposed to win it all. Crowd howled


Obama takes the stand. Casually slipping off his jacket he opens with telling the crowd the Panthers crushes him as well. He had Kansas in it to win it.


Obama reassures iowans that this bill is happening and he kept his promise by reforming healthcare by the end of his 1st term 3years ago at the ic hospitals and clinics. Tears are visible from a woman in the crowd.


Obama interrupted by a man saying, “It won’t work, you’re an idiot.” And then something else. Basically, it won’t work over and over again. Obama then continues and says, “our future is what we make it.”


Protestors stand across the street from the field house while a crowd of supporters watches from the other side bouncing remarks back and forth