NHS Induction

NHS Induction

Henry Mildenstein, Reporter

153 students were honored on Monday January 22nd, at the National Honors Society induction ceremony. The National Honors Society, also known as NHS, is an organization that is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, or NASSP.

According to Mrs. Hoel, the person who runs the chapter at City High, “Many of our

students are very busy with the many activities provided here at City High. So for the NHS we chose to make it an honorary chapter rather than an active chapter. In an active chapter you have additional activities and work. We wanted students to be recognized for their achievements without adding more to their already busy lives.”

To be inducted into the NHS the student has to have a 3.5 cumulative GPA by the end of the first trimester of your junior year. In addition to having high grades you must also be on track to finish three years of math, science, english, social studies, as well as taking two years of a foreign language.

This year One of the students inducted was Charlie Maxwell ‘19.

“It felt really good to be inducted,” said Maxwell. “I put a lot of work into getting good grades and trying to be a good student. It felt really nice to get recognition for my hard work.”

At the ceremony there were two keynote speakers, Ali Borger-Germann and Dr. Michael Ayers.   “Dr. Ayers and I were working together on this speech and we wanted to say something that would be meaningful for City Highs most diligent students. It really came from our hearts we just said what we wanted the students to know going from this point.” said Borger-Germann

“The speeches were very inspiring,” Maxwell said. “I really liked how [Mrs. Borger-Germann] talked about curiosity being her main motivation while trying to publish her book.”

After the ceremony many hugs were exchanged between the kids and their family members and many families went to the cafeteria for the post induction celebration.  “The [ceremony] was beautiful, Ms. Hotel is an expert at making really nice events.” said Borger-German