16 Students Qualify for State in Great Math Plains Competition


LH Staff

Art by Estie Dillard.

Liam Nicholson, Reporter

On March 8th, 2018, City High participated in the Great Math Plains math competition. It went from 1st to 4th period in Opstad, and included many different forms of math problems.

Stephanie McLaughlin is the head of this competition. There are five different rounds. One of the rounds, called the power round, is based around writing proofs. Next comes the team round, in which a group of six students have 20 minutes to solve 10 problems. After another three rounds of varying rules, the team received their results. If they had 50% or more in all rounds, they qualify for State Math.

“There were no other teams in this one only ours which is unusual and we have to wait to see how we did in this competition,” said McLaughlin.

In the end, individuals including Jakob Roggy ‘18, Oliver Myers ‘20, Julianne Berry-Stoelzle ‘19, Rika Yahashiri ‘21, Victor Kalil ‘18, Salwah Siddahmed ‘19, Younes Rouabhi ‘19, Lottie Gidal ‘19, Hannah Boer ’18, Max Meyer ‘18, Gabby McCormick ‘18, Badra Kalil ’21, Patrick Weiss ‘18, Eli Hendricks ‘20, Colin Vecera ‘20, and John Bounds ‘20 on the team qualified, but the team as a whole did not make it.

“All [those who want to compete] have to do is come to math club meeting Thursday morning or check in with me to get information,” said McLaughlin. You don’t have to wait till next year to join math club though–they can join right now if they would like.”