The Miracle Season- Movie Review

Orson Codd, Reporter

The Miracle Season is a film based on a true story, which happened in Iowa City, about Caroline “Line” Found who tragically died back in 2011. Line was a West High School Volleyball captain and she and the team were undefeated. The film focuses on how her death affected the whole team and what they had to go through knowing they wanted to honor her by winning the state championship. The film stars Helen Hunt as the volleyball coach and William Hurt as Founds father.

What did I enjoy about the film?

I really liked how they portrayed the team’s reaction. It really felt genuine when the tragic scene came early in the movie. While I was very young when the actual event happened, I was not able to understand it when it was on the news. But now that I’m a young adult, I felt as though I was able to see how the event affected the whole community.

It was really funny to see how Iowa City was portrayed in the movie, especially since it was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. If I remember correctly, there was a pie shop in the movie’s version of Iowa City.

It was also neat to see how other schools in the state were portrayed. City High was the main school and main rivals. This plays into something else I really enjoyed, seeing the perspective of another school. Being a City High Little Hawk, it’s obvious that we should be against the West High Trojans. But that’s not how I felt. When watching the film, I liked seeing the competition from West Highs POV.

Overall, The Miracle Season has a great story to tell about remembrance and friendship. When the film releases to the public, I highly recommend you get a group of close friends together and go see it. You will not be disappointed.