Preview: JV1 Boy’s Soccer Looks To Dominate In First Home Game

This Thursday April 12th, the sophomore JV 1 team will be facing Dubuque Senior. There is lots of energy in the air for their first game at City.

Lewis Meyer ‘21, will be playing outside midfielder for his first ever game on the City High team.

“I feel pretty good,” Meyer said. “I mean this is our first home game, so it’s definitely going to be a fun one.”

The team recently scrimmaged Regina, beating them 6-0, so they feel confident about this upcoming game.

“I’m not that nervous, I think the team is prepared,” Quinter Harvey 21’ said. “I will probably be playing forward or midfielder.”

As a sophomore, this is Franz Stolpen’s second season playing with City Soccer and he feels pretty confident about their first home game. You will most likely see Stolpen playing striker or forward wing. According to Stolpen, his experience along with all of the other sophomores has boosted the team’s  morale. 

“I think we are going to take a huge win for City,” Stolpen said. “We have really good chemistry when we’re are not tired, but I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. For people who play FIFA video games, we probably have a solid team chemistry of about 85 or so.”