Solo Enensemble Festival Begins at City

Solo Enensemble Festival Begins at City

Henry Mildenstein, Reporter

Throughout the Week Solo Ensemble Fest has been taking place. Solo Ensemble Fest is a chance for students to perform solo and chamber music.

“It’s and educational opportunity because the students get to play in front of professional musicians and receive feedback,” said Mrs. Stucky the head of orchestra at City High.

The students perform in front of educators and receive comments.

“The judges gave me advice about my tone production and advised me to incorporate more drama into my playing,” said Oliver Bostian ’21.

Bostian performed several times. He performed a solo titled Czardas by Vittorio Monti, a duet titled the First Movement of Leclair Sonata 5 with Oriana Ross ‘19, and a quartet titled Corrente by Arcangelo Corelli with Lucy Jansen ’21 Rachel Meehan ‘21, and Renee Thomas ’19,

“I think we did really well performing our pieces,” said Bostian.