Tomek Looks to Bring Home a Win

Cooper Kirschling, Reporter

This Tuesday the boys junior varsity soccer team will face Dubuque Wahlert. Going into this match this team has only lost one of their matches and they feel pretty confident about how this game will go.

“It’s gonna be an easy [win],” said Elliot Tomek ‘20.

Tomek is a sophomore goalkeeper for the team and is looking forward to the matchup.

“I can’t wait to get out there,” Tomek said. “I think we’re all pretty excited.”

Tomek isn’t the only team member who is pumped to play in this upcoming game.

“I feel great about this game,” said Wayne Joseph ‘21. “I just can’t wait to get out their and hopefully take home the win.”

Joseph is a freshmen left back for the team, and he has some ideas on how the team can beat Wahlert.

“I think the only two things we need to do is communicate and finish,” Joseph ‘21 said.

Looking to keep their amazing record of 6-1, the team is ready to take care of business.

“I’ll think it’s going to be a fairly easy game,” Franz Stolpen ‘20 said. “It’s gonna be a fun game and I can’t wait.”