Run for Relief 2018

Runners prepare for the race to start.

With the cold Iowa wind blowing, a record amount of runners participated in the annual Run for Relief hosted by the City High women’s cross country team. Every year, the team chooses a charity for which the 5k benefits. This year, the run raised money towards IC Compassion, an organization benefiting immigrants and refugees living in the Iowa City community.

“Every year [the cross country team] chooses a local nonprofit and raises money towards them,” said Lottie Gidal ‘19, a main organizer for the run. “Everyone voted and chose IC Compassion, an organization that provides refugees with free legal assistance such as helping to bring them over or navigating the citizenship process.”

Along with assisting refugees with legal services, IC Compassion also holds free food pantries, support groups, and English classes to aid with refugees’ assimilation into the Iowa City community. This year, a record amount of participants and money was raised to benefit the nonprofit.

“Our total was $5355.31, and we had just under 200 participants,” said Gidal.

Previously, the run has raised money towards refugees living in Darfur, Sudan, and money for cancer research. Additionally, the run has assisted those affected by natural disasters such as the devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri, and Hurricane Katrina. Anthony Murphy ‘20, a first year cross-country runner, decided to run because of his love for running and helping those in need.

“I really like to run, and donating to a charity that helps the community sounds like a good deal for me,” said Murphy.