Breaking News: ICCSD Releases New Virtual Tour of Renovations

Breaking News

Courtesy of ICCSD

Noah Bullwinkle and Emme Perencevich

Virtual Tour of City High

Ever since the ICCSD School Board approved $26 million in renovations to City High, construction has been rampant on the south side of campus. Today, the board released a new animated “fly-through” of the proposed renovations.

“It’s a beautiful project, and I could not be more excited. I truly believe this high school is now going to get exponentially even better,” said principal John Bacon.

The tennis courts will be demolished and parking will be available on the north and south ends of the school. While 27 of the 112 currently available spots will be taken by the construction, new parking spots by Bates Field, normally used by Hoover Elementary, will be allotted temporarily to City High students. 

“One of the areas we’ll be able to use is the Bates Field parking lot,” said Bacon. “We can recapture a lot of spaces during construction with that area.”

Along with a different location for parking, the renovations will include a new cafeteria and commons area, new locker rooms, and a new gym.

“When I first saw the plans for the new gym I thought it looked like West High,” said Lindy Rublatius ’19. “But I realized it also looked a lot like High School Musical!”