New Coach Profile: Phillip Hansen

As Phillip Hansen transitions from the boys soccer team to the girls he wants to bring along a family atmosphere.

Zoë Miller, Features Editor

The City High girls’ soccer program is welcoming a new head coach, Phillip Hansen, for the 2018-2019 season. Ever since Hansen was young he has always loved soccer. He was introduced to coaching in high school where he helped out with the kids at various summer camps. After becoming a teacher at City, it seemed like a natural transition to begin coaching the City High boy’s program, and is now in his fourth year of doing so.

“I knew the position was open and I knew the potential the team had. There are so many great returning players and varsity players that have really left an indent and are going to leave a bigger indent on the program.. It was a great opportunity,” Hansen said.

As he transitions to coaching the women’s team he plans to stick to his coaching philosophy:

“Since soccer truly is a team sport I always say that it’s going to take everybody to band together. As long as we can do that and stay together through the tough times we’ll be just fine,” Hansen said.

His excitement for the season extends beyond the games to getting to

“In the last year I had a daughter. I think having somebody for her to look up to is going to be great. That’s probably the one thing I’m most excited for is creating that family atmosphere at home and then taking that into the girls program.”

Hansen has been teaching at City High for 4 years now and understands what it means to be both a coach and a teacher.

“Getting to know kids in the classroom is great, but getting to know them outside of the classroom on the athletic field and in the community [is even more rewarding]. That’s truly what I hope for; to make a bigger impact than ‘hey this is a math classroom.’ ”

Athletic Director, Terry Coleman, agrees that Hansen’s work as a teacher will help him relate to the team.

“I feel very very good about him coming in, because he’s a teacher in the building and understands. It gives him a different perspective on the kids. I think it helps to understand the stresses that the kids are under. Another really big thing that [Hansen] has going for him is just his interpersonal skills; he has a great way of relating to kids, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the soccer field or in the classroom. He’s just very steady. He’s not one of those coaches that loses his cool, but at the same time he’s intense and that’s needed to push people.”

Coleman is not the only person excited for Hansen to step into this role. Madeline Pugh ‘19 is a returning City High varsity soccer player.

“I knew he was a really good coach from what the boys had said so having him interview for the job was really exciting. I think he’s a great fit for our team and I’m excited to see what changes he will bring to the program.”