Girls XC Honors Athletes at Awards Ceremony


Ellis Chen

Julia Veit '20 is congratulated along with fellow juniors Mary Bounds and Estella Brady.

Ellis Chen, Reporter

Students and their families packed into the commons last Thursday, November 22. Each class was honored as coaches called students to the front of the room to be recognized with handshakes and applause.

After acknowledging each class, coaches Lynn and Ryan Ahlers began handing out carefully crafted plates decorated by coaches as individual awards, often telling short stories about the students to explain their choice in each award.

Members of each grade were honored for their commitment to cross-country. Lucy Corbin ‘22 received the freshman award, Lilly Reynolds ‘21 received the sophomore award, Estella Brady ’20 received the junior award, and Liza Sarsfield ‘19 received the senior class award for being a leading member of her class.

Anna Lindower ‘19 received the Izzy Shinick-Gordon award and Janie Perrill ’21 received the Bud Williams Intestinal Fortitude award for her determination and grit. Taking the Most Improved award was Mary Bounds ‘20.

“I was expecting it but it was a big accomplishment for me because I worked hard for it, so I was proud,” Bounds said.

Lottie Gidal ’19 was presented with the Kaye Sparks Spirit Award, and Rowan Boulter was given the Most Valuable Runner award.

Getting the award felt great,” Boulter said. “It was awesome knowing that my teammates voted for me and thought I deserved the award.”

Reflecting on the season, Boulter was happy about the team’s performance and dynamic but was ambitious for the next season.

“I think the team did amazing, we all pushed each other so much and everyone tried their best,” Boulter said. “Next season, I want to improve and I hope to make it to state again, but next year as a team.”

Bounds agreed and set the goal of qualifying for state as a team.

“We’re going to come back stronger and qualify for state again, and show everybody that we are meant to be there,” Bounds said.