Weigel, Kopelman, Bui, and Kueter Win Races in Loss to C.R. Washington

In the first individual event of the night, Isaac Weigel ‘21 cut through the water to finish first with a time of 1:48.8, beating the second place Cedar Rapids Washington swimmer by two seconds.

“It was not my best swim,” Weigel said. “I’m okay with it because it was after taking a slight break and it was back-to-back with the medley relay. I still did not do bad.”

His swim immediately followed the win that City High achieved in the 200 medley relay, with Weigel swimming the breaststroke leg.

The final score of 117-51 with Washington triumphant didn’t deter the swimmers. In fact, it encouraged them to work harder. Captain Mark Krysan ‘20 echoed the sentiment of the swimmers.

“I think it showed great strength with the new swimmers,” Krysan said. “Most of the newer kids stepped up to the plate and showed the returning swimmers what they can do.”

The team is always in need of swimmers; no experience required. Some of the new swimmers on the team this season are in another sport, but swim to keep in shape.

“I’m always looking for people who are multi-sport athletes, they always bring something to the table especially in the weight room,” Head Coach Zane Hugo said. “They can compete automatically with starts and turns because they’re athletic.”

As this is only the second meet of the season, there is expected to be a lot of improvement before the end of the championship season. The team itself is enthusiastic and supportive of one another.

“[Before a race] normally I listen to music, but during the City High swim season, we joke around and hang out,” Weigel said.

The swim team will be back in competition next week against Cedar Falls at Mercer.