What is RISE?

Zoë Miller, Features Editor

RISE stands for Responsible Individuals Striving for Excellence. The club meets on Tuesdays after school for about two hours. The goal of the club is to connect students with faculty who can help them address problems in their community. It serves as a safe space for students to talk about the things they are experiencing. Hassan Keita ‘22 has been attending RISE since he finished with cross-country.

“I’d say [RISE] is a place where you don’t have to hide anything. You can say anything and talk about your problems,” Keita said.

Ange Sila ‘19 has also found RISE to be a safe haven for discussion.

“I come in and I’m surrounded by really intelligent people and we talk about our days and strive for excellence. It’s been really good. I like sitting across the table from people who are just like me,” Sila said.

Everyone is welcome to join RISE.

“Come in. It’s not just for minorities, it’s for everyone to come in. I kind of hate that RISE has been labeled a club for minorities. It’s not: anyone can join in. It doesn’t matter what race you are,” Sila said.