Protestors in Iowa City Women’s March Push For “Human Rights”


Zoë Miller

The marchers sport signs with many different sayings.

As the winds blew people began to gather. They held colorful signs and chanted. The crowd grew and grew as the time got closer to 11:00. Finally, it was time for the march to begin.

On January 19, 2019, people gathered in the Iowa City ped mall for the third annual Women’s March. Similar marches were held around the country. The march began with three speakers: Mazahir Salih, Mary Mascher, and Royceann Porter. Once the speakers finished, the group marched around downtown Iowa City.

The speakers’ speeches focused on the progress that has been made and the change that they hope for in the future. At one point people were encouraged to hug each other to show love and unity.

“I’m marching today because while I’m seeing change happening, it’s not happening fast enough. I hope that someday I can raise my daughters in a world that’s better than the one I’m growing up in,” said Ally Andreasin.

The march had a smaller turnout than the ones from previous years due to the cold weather. It was about 19 degrees, paired with strong winds.

After the speakers had presented, the march began. People marched along Clinton Street, chanting, “Women’s rights are human rights.”

“I think it’s important that women’s voices are heard. We need to start making the pathway right for our country again,” Marianne Davenport, a City High parent, said.

There was a common thread of the want of change throughout the people at the march.

“I am here today because the government as it is right now needs to change. Everyone just needs to change and realize different perspectives and recognize that intersectionality needs to be approached,” said Emily Hansen.

This slideshow includes photos from the march as well as photos of specific people, their signs and the reason why they marched.