Glow Club Q & A with Sophie Bergen-Jackson


Emme Perencevich

GLOW Club serves as a safe place for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Rachel Meehan, Reporter

Many students at City High are unfamiliar with what GLOW club is or what it does. Sophie Bergen-Jackson, ‘20, answers some questions about her experience in GLOW club…

Q: When did you join GLOW club?

A: I joined GLOW this year, but have known about it and supported it since I was a freshman.

Q: What kinds of activities do you do in GLOW Club?

A: I [work on and] support the fundraisers when they come around.

Q: What events are you planning for this year in GLOW Club?

A: I haven’t really help planned any events yet but I hope to later on in the year.

Q: What is your favorite part of GLOW Club?

A: My favorite part of GLOW club is feeling like I can be myself without having to worry about unwanted comments.

Q: What is the atmosphere like in the GLOW Club?

A: The atmosphere in GLOW is so chill and honestly makes me feel confident in my sexuality and helps me [to see that] I’m not alone.

Q: What is the purpose of GLOW Club?

A: GLOW is supposed to help anyone who is either unsure of their gender identity or sexuality to find who they are or for anyone who doesn’t feel safe enough to come out to family/friends that they aren’t alone.