Best Buddies Looks Ahead


Beatrice Kearns

Brenna Gordon ’20, Anna Kusner ’19, and Ben Cooper ’21 at a previous Best Buddies Event.

Phoebe Chapnick-Sorokin, Executive Editor

City High’s nationally acclaimed Best Buddies club has spent the past few months planning out the events for the rest of the year. Club president Beatrice Kearns ‘19 is looking forward to the coming months.

“Watching inclusion and the mission of Best Buddies in action is powerful and moving,” Kearns said. “Seeing it happen here at City is super exciting.”

Kearns is also looking forward to the “respect week” project. They will be making a large banner for people to commit to using respectful language with the phrase “spread the word to end the word.”

“We haven’t done a big project for respect week since I was a freshman,” Kearns said.

Other events they will be putting on are the annual Friendship Walk, ability awareness night, friendship ball, a tree planting ceremony, the annual talent show, and a peer buddy party, among others.