New Year New Team


Ruth Meehan

Infographic by Ruth Meehan

Ruth Meehan, Reporter

The 2019 men’s track season has just started bringing in a whole new group of runners, jumpers, and hurdlers. Lower and upperclassmen alike have started to become a team. They have attended four track meets so far and are figuring out how to be a team even when you aren’t all competing at the same time.

Olivier Shabani ‘19, a runner in the 400, 800. 4×800 and 4×400, says, “You can’t see every event so, you mainly focus on yours, but you still go out there and cheer for your teammates regardless if you don’t do that event.”

A team doesn’t consist of only upperclassmen. You need freshman and sophomores to continue the legacy that the seniors leave behind.

“Some of [the freshman] bring experience from cross country and some are really hard workers that are really just talented and choose the right sport,” says Shabani.

The freshmen have equally nice things to say about the seniors. Parker Max ‘22, a distance runner says, “When you have seniors running 4:30s for the mile and 10:00s in the two mile, it makes it a lot easier to learn how it is done.”

This team has many meets to go but have already impressed their coaches. Coach Casey is one of the coaches for the men’s team.

We are working hard and off to a great start to the season,” he said.