Final 30 Yearbooks for Sale in the Main Office and Senior Baby Photos Due


Kate Goodvin

Eva Bailey works on the final pages of the 2018-19 Red and White yearbook.

Kate Goodvin, Reporter

With the seniors final days at “The School that Leads” coming to a end, so are the days left for students to submit their baby photos and to buy a yearbook.

“People should get their baby photos in because it will look great in the yearbook and we are really looking for cute baby photos.” Jonathan Rogers, the Red and White Yearbook adviser, said. “It doesn’t have to be a baby photo, it could be a young kid photo. We do prefer 1 to 10 mega bite size files or they will look kind of crappy in the yearbook.”

Yearbooks are for sale for $75 in the main office.  Seniors can submit their baby photos to [email protected]

“You should also buy a yearbook because Julia and the yearbook team worked really hard to get a whole bunch of students in the yearbook.” Rogers said. “There are AMAZING photos and vver 50 percent of City High students are in the book two times or more. That was a good goal we had this year.  We wanted to get a whole bunch more of you guys to be in the yearbook and there will be stickers and all sorts of fun stuff so that you can remember the epic moments of City High life forever.”

There are only 30 yearbooks left in the main office.