City Falls 2-7 to Cedar Rapids Washington


Sonja Liebig '21 Evelyn Wolfe '21 Playing against Cedar Rapids Kennedy.

Jae Dancer, Reporter

In defeat, City High girls made Cedar Rapids Washington work for it with some matches lasting over two hours.

“My singles match against Cedar Rapids Washington went really well,” Caroline Carter ‘20 said. “It was two hours long and I felt like both of us kind of had the same skill levels so it just went back and forth for a long time which can be exhausting but at the same time really fun.”

To add, unexpectedly two varsity players weren’t able to play, allowing JV players Anita Venzke ‘21 and Sonja Liebig ‘21 to step up filling in for the missing varsity players.

“I haven’t really played against people who had been playing for so long and since I recently started playing I was pretty nervous for my match,” Venzke said. “Luckily, the team was really nice about it and they were really supportive in helping me to know what to do to win my games.”

Yet even with the defeat, players Caroline Carter ’20, Kelsey Law ‘20, and Abbie Mccormick ‘21 are working hard to advance in the state running.