The Best of SNO Little Hawk Newspaper Award


Mira Bohanna Kumar “Little Hawk Web Editor” holding the SNO distinguished Site Award

Cecile Bendera, Culture Editor

Student Newspapers Online, also known as SNO, is the publisher for many high school newspapers’ websites, including “The Little Hawk.”  While in the process of giving awards or recognition, SNO takes submissions from all the high school websites that it publishes and chooses the best ones to feature on its website. It a collection of the best high school newspaper stories.

“Sometimes I…find stories from Connecticut or [the] Carolin[as] and they are always interesting,” said feature editor Nina Lavezzo-Stecopoulos ‘20. “They usually have to do more than something specific to the school, something that other students from across the country would care about.”

In order for a story to win the SNO award, it has to meet certain requirements.

“Your photo has to have a caption. [The story is evaluated on] how well it fits into the category it was assigned and how well written it [is],”  Lavezzo-Stecopoulos said. “For example, if you assigned it to the feature category and it has a few opinions in it, the story probably won’t get the award.”

The award is good motivation for the reports and editors of “The Little Hawk.”

“I got…two SNO [awards]. one for…“Who Wants to Use the N-Word?” said Culture editor Mariam Keita ‘20.  “I was really proud of [that] one because I put a lot of work into it, so it’s nice to see that my work is being recognized. It is affirming to see that after putting in all [that] work and all those efforts, someone else was able to see [that]. Getting to see how it pays off [is nice].”