Student Teacher Profile: Elizabeth Mastroianni

Rachel Meehan, Reporter

As the 2019 school year comes to an end, seniors finalize plans for college, incoming freshman prepare to start their high school career, and student teachers begin to enter the workforce as a full-time teacher. Elizabeth Mastroianni, the student teacher in the Spanish department, has been learning from Sra. Evans in teaching and leading a classroom.

“In the beginning, student teaching was about getting to know the students, and getting to know my cooperating teacher, Danielle Evans. I was mainly observing and getting a feel for the classroom,” said Mastroianni. “Slowly I got more responsibility with grading and planning. I began teaching lessons and around February and March, and I started teaching and leading activities. That was really fun.”

Student teaching is common in many soon to be teachers around the world. Some study in their home towns, while others study abroad. Once finished at City High, Elizabeth Mastroianni plans to move back home to Chicago. Then in August, she will move to Spain to work as a language and culture assistant. She then hopes to find a job as a Spanish teacher in the United States.

“My big takeaway from myself being a teacher is just how important connections are. Connections with administration, co-workers, colleges, and with the students,” said Mastroianni. “I think building those connections helps you a lot as a teacher, and in life.”