Battle for the Little Cy-Hawk Preview

#53 Kolbe Schnoebelen


Safia Almabrazi

#53 Kolbe Schnoebelen ’20 leads the offensive live for City High.

Aaron Stalkfleet, Reporter


7:00 P:M @ Ames



Players to Watch

City High

QB: Raph Hamilton

JR: 8-19 (42.1 comp%) 82 yards passing 1 TD: 0 Int  QBR 95.7

21 Rush Attempts for 91 yards  (4.3 yd/carry) 1 TD


RB: Tonka Hickman

41 rush attempts for 180 yards (4.4 yd/carry) 2 TD 

Longest TD 28 yds


WR: Jamari Newsom

4 rec for 52 yards (13 yd/catch) 1 TD

Longest TD 16 yds



QB: Cooper Downs SR: 53-101(52.5 comp%) 383 yards passing 3 TD:1 Int  QBR 81.7         

18 Rush Attempts for 36 yards (2 yd/carry)

WR: Jonah Strawhacker SR: 14 rec for 147 yards (10.5 yd/catch)

WR: Gabe Ante SR: 17 rec for 138 yards (8.1 yd/catch)




             Q & A with Center Kolbe Schnoebelen

LH: Starting off the season 0-2 is not what any team wants but if there is one thing that this team or even you has learned, what would that be?

Kolbe Schnoebelen: “I think the biggest thing is execution, on offense we did some good things against Cedar Falls, had a couple penalties. Defensively we need to clean up a lot of stuff, execution and just flying to the ball. Little things add up to big things so just doing the little things I would say.”


LH: As this team gets prepared for Ames, what are some things that need to get tightened up on the defensive side of the ball? 

Kolbe Schnoebelen: “Definitely flying to the ball, we have to many people just watching as the ball goes by. We need all of the players flying to the ball I would say. Good tackling form, we had too many missed tackles that really hurt us so I would just say better tackling”.

LH: Obviously being the center on this offensive line, what have you thought of their play as a whole this season and what are some things that can still be improved upon as the season continues?

Kolbe Schnoebelen: “As a whole I think we have done a pretty good job, I think we have made some big holes, there’s always room for improvement. We are still a young line. When we get tired not standing up and keep driving our feet. So just like little things again, execution.” 


LH: Being one of the few seniors on this team, what are you still trying to prove to everyone as a player?

Kolbe Schnoebelen: “Just letting this team win, the last two years we haven’t had the best records, we have been 2-7. We are 0-2 to start this season but we can very easily turn the season around so just like getting that attitude of winning. Prove to the state that City High football is good.”


LH: How does this team flip the narrative that has been said about them as the season continues?

Kolbe Schnoebelen: “Just doing the little things in practice, doing the things that coaches don’t see, execution. The little things again, I know I keep saying it but just like sprinting to each drill after getting a water break and just flying to the ball in practice and in games and making tackles. Just playing for each other as a team so I think once we come together as a team, we’ll start to see some really good results.”