Culinary Club Hosts First Meeting of 2019 School Year


Sophia Wagner

Ana Leyser ’22and Jake Roth ’22 get ready to show members how to create the perfect cookie.

Wednesday marked the first official day of Culinary Club, and students hustled to find seats in Family Consumer Science teacher Emily Wehr’s room. After plenty of advertising on the club’s Instagram, club presidents Ana Laura Leyser ‘22 and Jake Roth ‘22 were happy to find that the tables were filled. 

“Let’s get cooking…I mean, baking,” Roth said, grinning at the new members. 

Both sophomores were members of the club last year and are ecstatic to be leading the group. Leyser, whose favorite dish is an improvised pasta sauce, commented, “It’s really fun. You sit down and get to talk to people and eat what you made.” 

Although there was not much sitting around in Wednesday’s meeting, the room filled with laughter as sugar and butter were spun together. The presidents darted around the room, giving advice, adjusting bake times, and finally returning to their own batch of cookies. Even for those who are probably more like a contestant from Nailed It than The Great British Baking Show, there is still plenty to do. 

“It’s not just to cook, it’s to try new foods,” Leyser said. 

This year, however, Culinary Club wants to do more outside the kitchen. 

“Our goal is to make enough money to run the club, but also to donate. We worked with the Crisis Center, and we are always looking for ways to help out in other ways,” Roth said. 

The group plans on doing the usual bake sales, as well as opening up to different ideas. Leyser’s face lit up as she explained a plan to sell metal straws and include a smoothie recipe with the purchase. The club also wants to hold meals to raise funds. 

Culinary Club will be held every Wednesday after school in Room 3108. In the words of Jake Roth: In the club, students have fun, cook, eat, leave.