Auditions Held for A Christmas Carol


Sophia Wagner, Reporter

Eva Stadtlander ‘22 nervously adjusted her music stand to better see her script. She was doing last-minute preparations before her audition. 

“I’m super excited to meet new people and try out a new thing called acting,” Stadtlander said with a flourish. 

Auditions for this year’s winter play, A Christmas Carol, were held on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Students were scattered up and down the hallway of the music wing, quietly rehearsing lines and anxiously awaiting their turn to perform before directors Lauren Darby and Troy Peters. Actors were given two options for auditioning: a solo monologue or a group scene.

“I want to see a creative interpretation of the text and how they can work together to produce the scene, rather than just how well one person can read,” Darby explained before auditions began. “I’m seeking a collaborative group that can form themselves with my direction, but also with their creativity and independent thought.”

The performers also share Darby’s excitement about the upcoming production.

“It’s really great to put together such a large show with people you want to be around,” said Ben Faden ‘22 after auditioning Tuesday afternoon.

Cast lists will be up on Friday after school on the Drama Bulletin.