Homecoming Week Showdown with Muscatine

Players to Watch and a Q and A with Josh Poe

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Homecoming Week Showdown with Muscatine

Josh Poe '20 leads the right side of City High's offensive line.

Josh Poe '20 leads the right side of City High's offensive line.

Amber Seaton

Josh Poe '20 leads the right side of City High's offensive line.

Amber Seaton

Amber Seaton

Josh Poe '20 leads the right side of City High's offensive line.

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Homecoming Game vs. Muscatine

LOCATION:  Bates Field

Gametime: 7:15


Players to Watch


City High
QB Raph Hamilton JR: 19/43 (44.2%)    265 yards passing 13.9 yds/comp  1 INT:2 TD
QBR 106.7  Longest of 16 yards

RB Tonka Hickman SR: 94 rush attempts for 457 yards   4.9 yds/carry 6TDs
Longest of 28 yards

WR Jamari Newson SO: 10 receptions for 94 yards 19.7 yds/catch 1TD  Longest of 16 yards


QB Sam Wieskamp SR: 23/56  (41.1%) 270 yards passing  11.7 yds/comp 1 INT:2 TDS
QBR 89.8  Longest of 44 yards

RB Timothy Nimely JR: 67 rush attempts for 421 yards    6.3 yds/carry 2 TDS
Longest of 29 yards

WR Eli Gaye JR: 18 receptions for 145 yards   8.1 yds/catch  2 TDs   Longest of 17 yards

Madelyn Hellwig
Josh Poe who plays right guard for the City High football team.

Q & A with RG Josh Poe

LH: Dubuque Hempstead reminded CIty High how brutal the game of football can be, how personal do you take last Friday night’s loss?
Josh Poe: Well, it was really tough last friday because that wasn’t our full potential and I know we can do a lot better than how we played. It also hurt because we didn’t even end up scoring until they put in their second team. It was messy. It hurt.

LH: What are you still trying to prove to everyone as this is your senior season?
Josh Poe: I’m just trying to prove that we’re still in it. Just because of our 1-3 record, we’re not going to roll over, we’re going to keep pounding. We have a really good offense. Against Ames, I think we had 375 yards. I just think we have a lot better offense than people are giving us credit for and I think we are going to hopefully show that Friday night.

LH: What are you going to remember most from this City High Football experience?
Josh Poe: Being part of such a great team and atmosphere and just getting to play with a bunch of great guys. Especially the guys on the O-Line: Kolbe, Ostyn, Goodrich, Waters, Owen. All of the guys really. It’s just great to be able to play with such great guys.

LH: Looking ahead to Muscatine, their running back Tim Nimely is very shifty and can be hard to tackle; With how this team has struggled on defense, what are going to be some keys to tackling him in the open field?
Josh Poe: We have been emphasizing our wrap and roll drill tackling. Tackling the legs and rolling him [Tim Nimely] up so if we can apply that drill to our game tomorrow; We can hopefully limit him and make them rely on some of their other players.

LH: How much more does this game mean to you as this is your last Homecoming here at City High?
Josh Poe: Of course it means a lot because i’m really finally getting to play after last year. It is my last Homecoming and Homecoming is also a special game and i’m just really glad that I get to go out and play for City High.