Homecoming Week Showdown with Muscatine

Players to Watch and a Q and A with Josh Poe


Amber Seaton

Josh Poe ’20 leads the right side of City High’s offensive line.

Homecoming Game vs. Muscatine

LOCATION:  Bates Field

Gametime: 7:15


Players to Watch


City High
QB Raph Hamilton JR: 19/43 (44.2%)    265 yards passing 13.9 yds/comp  1 INT:2 TD
QBR 106.7  Longest of 16 yards

RB Tonka Hickman SR: 94 rush attempts for 457 yards   4.9 yds/carry 6TDs
Longest of 28 yards

WR Jamari Newson SO: 10 receptions for 94 yards 19.7 yds/catch 1TD  Longest of 16 yards


QB Sam Wieskamp SR: 23/56  (41.1%) 270 yards passing  11.7 yds/comp 1 INT:2 TDS
QBR 89.8  Longest of 44 yards

RB Timothy Nimely JR: 67 rush attempts for 421 yards    6.3 yds/carry 2 TDS
Longest of 29 yards

WR Eli Gaye JR: 18 receptions for 145 yards   8.1 yds/catch  2 TDs   Longest of 17 yards

Madelyn Hellwig
Josh Poe who plays right guard for the City High football team.

Q & A with RG Josh Poe

LH: Dubuque Hempstead reminded CIty High how brutal the game of football can be, how personal do you take last Friday night’s loss?
Josh Poe: Well, it was really tough last friday because that wasn’t our full potential and I know we can do a lot better than how we played. It also hurt because we didn’t even end up scoring until they put in their second team. It was messy. It hurt.

LH: What are you still trying to prove to everyone as this is your senior season?
Josh Poe: I’m just trying to prove that we’re still in it. Just because of our 1-3 record, we’re not going to roll over, we’re going to keep pounding. We have a really good offense. Against Ames, I think we had 375 yards. I just think we have a lot better offense than people are giving us credit for and I think we are going to hopefully show that Friday night.

LH: What are you going to remember most from this City High Football experience?
Josh Poe: Being part of such a great team and atmosphere and just getting to play with a bunch of great guys. Especially the guys on the O-Line: Kolbe, Ostyn, Goodrich, Waters, Owen. All of the guys really. It’s just great to be able to play with such great guys.

LH: Looking ahead to Muscatine, their running back Tim Nimely is very shifty and can be hard to tackle; With how this team has struggled on defense, what are going to be some keys to tackling him in the open field?
Josh Poe: We have been emphasizing our wrap and roll drill tackling. Tackling the legs and rolling him [Tim Nimely] up so if we can apply that drill to our game tomorrow; We can hopefully limit him and make them rely on some of their other players.

LH: How much more does this game mean to you as this is your last Homecoming here at City High?
Josh Poe: Of course it means a lot because i’m really finally getting to play after last year. It is my last Homecoming and Homecoming is also a special game and i’m just really glad that I get to go out and play for City High.