Interact Club Begins Holding Their First Meetings

Rachel Meehan, A&E and Copy Editor

With their first few meetings of the year, interact club is planning some significant changes and additions to their program. Along with their successful can drives, bake sales, and other services projects, they plan to make a difference in the community of their school as well as Iowa City.  

“[Interact club] has a lot more people joining than we expected from last year,” said Mark Krysan ‘20. “The energy that people have coming in, wanting to help the community and other people in and around the community is amazing.”

2019-2020 Interact club is focusing on 6 key areas of concern in the community, which includes providing food, shelter, and bettering the environment. They are also planning a can drive which will involve West High’s interact club, as a friendly competition between schools. The dates are yet to be determined. Interact club meets during Tuesday advisories in room 1102 with Dr. Humpston. They are open to new members and are looking forward to the exciting things happening this school year!