Best Buddies Walks in Iowa Homecoming Parade

Aala Basheir, Reporter

Best buddies walked in the Iowa parade in downtown Iowa City on October 18th.  Associate and Peer buddies gathered by the Co Op, wearing matching shirts to march alongside the University of Iowa Best Buddies program. 


“The parade created a diverse and fun environment” Vince Johnson 22’ said.


After the parade, buddies made their way to the City High and Linn Mar football game. The theme was Best Buddies to include everyone, make an inclusive environment, and have fun. Alongside the student section, you could see the pairs of buddies sitting together. 


“[Best Buddies] thrives on inclusion.” Johnson said. 


Led by Brenna Gordon 20’, the club looks forward to hosting many events in the upcoming weeks, such as their annual Halloween party, Thanksgiving potluck and Winter Party.