Freezing Classrooms


LH Staff

Art by Estie Dillard.

Mario Medellin, Reporter

This morning, November 8th, Mr. Bacon announced that some rooms at City High are dealing with no heat. Some classrooms on the first floor are getting no heat ventilation. This has been a recurring issue over the years. Infact, some teachers say the building feels like it has gotten colder and colder over time. 

“Last time we checked it was 54 degrees,” biology teacher Angela Knutson said. “It’s excessively cold in here but there are other rooms around the school who are having it worse at the moment.” 

This is not the first time City High has experienced cold temperatures in classrooms. The cafeteria and the science wing have experienced issues before. 

“Sometimes things malfunction and they break,” Doug Lestina said. “We are working on getting it fixed currently.”