Personal Finance Designated as Required Class

City High has chosen the class Personal Finance to fulfill the Department of Education’s new requirements.


LH Staff

Art by Estie Dillard.

Noah Bullwinkle, Reporter

The corners of the internet complaining about the lack of financial literacy in high schools have been placated. Personal Finance is, as of next school year, a required course for all students to take.

“A year ago, the State Department of Education put in a new requirement that all school districts had to offer some type of financial literacy education,” guidance counselor Linda Hoel said.

After looking at the classes already offered at City High, counselors decided that the class Personal Finance would best fit this requirement.

“We always have a lot of students interested in, and we could modify it to meet the requirements of financial literacy,” said Hoel.

Personal Finance covers many financial skills students may utilize in the future, such as credit cards, real estate, and car ownership loans.

“This class is definitely needed for all students,” said Anthony Murphy ‘20. “There has been a huge fuss among students about how our school teaches us calculus but not how to file our taxes, but now we’ll know how to file our taxes.”

Although some classes, such as Economics, were considered for the requirement, Personal Finance best fit both a want for student interest and governmental standards.

“I think it’ll be a pretty seamless transition,” Hoel said.