Elizabeth Warren Spreads her Message of “Big, Structural Change” in Iowa City


Jesse Hausknecht-Brown

Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks at a town hall at the IMU on December 2

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Features Editor

A crowd of cheering people raised their liberty-green “Dream Big, Fight Hard” signs in the air as Senator Elizabeth Warren walked out on the makeshift stage at her town hall in the Iowa Memorial Union. Warren visited Iowa City on December 2, roughly three months before caucus night, to spread her message of “big, structural change.” 

“Big, structural change is hard,” Warren said. “But it’s the right thing to do.”

After speaking briefly about her life as a student, a mother and a teacher, Warren took questions from the audience. 

When asked about climate change, Warren spoke about the need to act quickly. She also talked about how she, as president, would make sure that the United States not only reentered the Paris Climate Agreement, but became a world leader in finding climate solutions. 

“My basic approach is we do everything we can. Not apart. Not a ‘your plan versus my plan.’ We do everything we can because that’s how urgent this problem [of climate change] is,” Warren said. “I will do everything that—and I love saying this—a president can do all by herself.”

She spoke about anti-corruption and lifting up the middle class, while joking about making billionaires cry and telling each other to run for president.

“Rich people may have more shoes than you, they may have more cars than you, they may even have more houses than you,” Warren said. “But they aren’t suppose to own a bigger share in the democracy than you do.” 

Warren also talked about party unity and the need to fight for the Senate, the House and local elections.

“I want you to be in this in the primaries, I want you to be in this in the general, but nobody gets to go home after we win,” Warren said. “You’ve got to be in the fight as hard and as strong as you can the day after the election as [you were] the day before.”