Little Hawks Victory Against Warriors


Amelia Lang-Fallon

A freestyler during the City-Washington meet.

Carly Weigel, Reporter

It’s the halfway point of the meet, just after the 200 free relay. City is ahead of Cedar Rapids Washington by eight points and the Little Hawks huddle around their mascot: a swimmer with a giant eagle head. They are pumping up for the final section of the meet.

“It feels pretty good [to win] because we haven’t beaten this team in a long time,” team captain Joe Keuter ‘20 said. “Everybody is really hyped and we’re all happy that we just won our first meet.”

Mark Krysan ’20 cheers on his teammates during the meet on Tuesday.

The meet on Tuesday is the second meet of the season and the first meet of the week, with another event against Waterloo scheduled for Thursday, also a home meet. Kento Yahashiri ‘23, a freshman who won second place in the 100 breaststroke after Isaac Weigel ‘21, is looking forward to the upcoming meets.

“I’m focusing on sharpening up my breaststroke,” Yahashiri said. “I did well in the 200 IM this time and I want to drop time in breaststroke next time.”

The team is bigger this year than any year before, with just under 40 students going out for the season. The Little Hawks finished strong, winning the 400 free relay and the entire meet. This is the first victory over Washington in many years, with the final scores of 77-93, City.

“I’m getting excited about the boys’ season after this win,” Yahashiri said. “I hope we continue to win the next couple meets.”