The Little Hawk Newspaper Places Fourth at National Journalism Convention

Other Awards Included a National Story of the Year Award for Local Climate Change Reporting, 8th Place Best of Show for the Website, Pacemaker Finalists, and a 16th Place Finish for the Quiz Bowl Team


Jonathan Rogers

Little Hawk Journalists stand below the Capitol building at the National Botanical Gardens. Representative Loebsack’s assistant guided them on their tour of the Capitol.

The Little Hawk newspaper placed fourth and the website eighth in the Best of Show contest at the Journalism Education Association and National Scholastic Press Association Journalism Convention, on November 23rd, in Washington, D.C.. 

Mira Kumar ‘20, one of the executive editors who runs The Little Hawk, was happy that the journalists’ work paid off.  The newspaper and website competed against hundreds of other publications at a convention with over 6,000 high school journalists in attendance.

“I’m really proud of our team and I’m glad our work is being recognized as one of the best in the country,” Kumar, Co-Exec Editor of The Little Hawk said.

Additionally in the NSPA Story of the Year contest Lottie Gidal ’19 won an honorable mention in the local climate change reporting category for her story “Running of Water”.  NSPA also awarded City High journalists with a Pacemaker Finalist award.  Placing them in the top 40 in the country for their work last year.

“Mira and Nina led a great team of truth-seekers this fall that published important work in print and digitally.  Finishing in the TOP TEN at the national conference and being Pacemaker finalists is a well-deserved reward for their work!” Jonathan Rogers, the journalism adviser of The Little Hawk, said. ““With the passing of Howard Vernon, the old City High principal who coined the phrase the School That Leads, it made me proud that students at City High are still pursuing excellence.” 

On the trip Little Hawk journalists also visited NPR where alumni Ian Stewart is now a producer of Weekend Edition.

Susan Rogers
Little Hawk journalists pose on their tour of NPR with Ian Stewart. Stewart is now a producer of Weekend Edition and was an Executive Editor on The Little Hawk.