Boys Basketball: Mid-Season Streak


Natalie Green

Kolby Kucera ’21 looks for an open teammate to execute an inbound play.

Aala Basheir, Reporter

The City High boys basketball team has won more games in this current season than in the last three years combined.

“We had a lot of doubters earlier this season, but throughout practice, we see each other getting better,”  Byron Benton ‘21 said.

With new head coach Brennan Swayzer, the boys have been given more freedom on the court.

“I mean, at the beginning of the season, already you can tell we’re battling through adversity. We’re just getting together more than any other city or basketball team,” Benton said.

Darren Richardson ‘22 suffered a knee injury playing football. The 6’0 point and shooting guard underwent surgery and is required to sit out his sophomore season of basketball.

“It hurts a little bit, but I’m still in the gym every morning working hard, working on my craft so when I get back, I’ll be just as good and explosive,” Richardson said.

Even though Richardson will not be able to play in any games this season, he still offers his support to the team.

“I’m a funny guy; I always keep a smile on my teammates’ faces. I always give them motivation to work hard and always want to give every take their last. That’s really what I give them messages to do,” Richardson said.

With one month to go, this season their record is 6-8-0. 

“We’ve been on a win streak so far. We’ve only lost three games to the top 10 teams in the state, and they were battles. They weren’t blowouts,” Byron Benton ‘21 said.

While working on skills together on the court, they also have practiced enjoying each other’s success. 

“They’re like my brothers. I’m just happy for those guys because they work hard. We’re having a good season so far. The sky’s the limit,” Richardson said.

The team will lose six seniors: Keshawn Christian, Kaleba Jack, Max Firmstone, Traivon Hodges, Jackson Walthart, and Sam Abdalla. But the majority of the boys will be playing again next year. 

“We have a lot of players, a lot of juniors and a sophomore [that will play next year]. They have big goals and the team will benefit from them,” Andre Miller ‘21 said.

The Little Hawks are hopeful for a state bid in the next few years. 

“It’s been a good season,” Benton said. “The future is just getting better.”