Bernie Sanders Leads in New Hampshire Primary


Haileigh Steffen

Bernie Sanders leads in the New Hampshire primaries, followed by Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Features Editor

Residents of New Hampshire, the second state to vote in the primaries, filled out ballots on Tuesday night. After the issues with the Iowa caucuses, all eyes were on New Hampshire to produce results in a timely fashion. 

With 98 percent reporting, Senator Bernie Sanders has 75,859 votes and leads the race, with Pete Buttigieg coming in second with 72,126 votes. Senator Amy Klobuchar falls in third with 58,499 votes, followed by Senator Elizabeth Warren with 27,241 votes, and Joe Biden with 24,831 votes.

Unlike in Iowa, Sanders and Buttigieg are tied in the number of delegates; they both have nine delegates, while Klobuchar has six, and the rest of the candidates did not have enough support to be awarded delegates.

After the Iowa caucuses, Daphne Knoop ‘20 who worked on Buttigieg’s campaign, was happy to see him do well but upset with the structure of the caucuses.

“I’m really happy about the results because, in my district, Pete [Buttigieg] was not viable, so my vote ended up going to Warren, so I was a little sad,” Knoop said.

Another result of the New Hampshire primaries was that Andrew Yang and Senator Michael Bennet ended their campaigns.

On Tuesday night, Yang announced that he would suspend his campaign, saying, “I am the math guy, and it is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race.”

Bennet, who failed to jump ahead in the crowded Democratic primary field, also ended his campaign Tuesday night tweeting, “I feel nothing but joy tonight as we conclude this campaign and this chapter. Tonight wasn’t our night. But New Hampshire, you may see me once again.”

Many were surprised by how well Klobuchar did in New Hampshire.

“I’m a little surprised by Klobuchar pulling ahead,” Isaac Weigel ‘21 said. “I am not surprised at all by Andrew Yang dropping out.”