Continuous Construction

Construction update: construction delays and winter weather cause parking issues for students

Kate Kueter, Video Editor

With snow and ice covering the ground and plows unable to work on the parking lot, weather provides a challenge in the City High lots. As parking spot lines are covered by snow and there is only a narrow area to enter and exit on 4th Avenue, student drivers are forced to swerve around obstacles. 

We are still a few weeks behind due to the two-month late start, but they are trying to catch up all the way,” said Mr. Jespersen. 

With all of the snow days and icy winter weather, the construction process has been forced to slow down on outside projects, so the construction team has been focusing on the interior spaces. As the construction moved to an interior focus, so did the machinery. Over the past month, teachers and students in the south wing have noticed loud noises coming from the basement. The noises come from drilling in the basement that is needed to add new pipes for the heating and cooling system. The drilling has stopped temporarily. 

“You can hear it vibrate up the walls. Progress is loud, progress is disruptive,” said Mrs. Dickson. 

The administration has decided to have a parking permit for senior students. This sticker would allow seniors access to the upper parking lot for the remainder of the school. To obtain a sticker the student must be a senior, have a car registered with the main office, have all fines paid, and pay a $20.00 fee for the spot. Along with seniors, Kirkwood students also qualify for the permits. There are around 120 spots available for this access; if more than 120 sign up, the administration will host a lottery to randomly select students to receive a spot. Remaining students will be placed on a waiting list. 

Officials and administrators are optimistic that the new addition and the older building should be completed by October of 2021.