Battling the Cold

Tatum Frazier, Reporter

Winter months create little access to clean streets and sidewalks due to the thick layers of snow and ice, but that won’t stop this group of City High runners. These bitterly cold days just mean more layers to them, not stopping their practices. The weather isn’t easy for them but they are all determined to keep going. Making it look easy wouldn’t be fair to them: these girls think it takes a lot of grit to stay determined during these cold months. 

“The winter makes training more difficult,” Lucy Corbin ‘22 said. “It’s harder to run when everything is covered in snow, but also…the cold weather affects the amount of determination you have.”

Many runners continue to train in between cross-country and track season. This time period is referred to as winter running. They practice three times a week with their out-of-season coach, Tom Mittman, but also continue to run on their own. Many of the girls average six runs a week, including both a long run and workout.  

“Keeping our runs consistent now will have many benefits for track season,” Sydney Wilkes ‘23 explained. “It makes you less likely to become injured and also more prepared for the workload of track season.” 

When snow and ice makes it impossible for them to run outside, they hit the cross training room, working out on bikes and treadmills. For many of the runners, working out indoors isn’t their favorite thing, but it doesn’t stop them. 

“No one really enjoys the cross-training room.” Corbin said. “It’s nice to be able to continue training with bad weather, but the outdoors is much more appealing.”