City High Track Teams Run into the New Season

Alison Kenaston, Sports Editor

On March third and fourth, the boys and girls track teams started off their seasons with competing at indoor tracks. The boys track team ran at the University of Dubuque and Wartburg on Tuesday, while the girls track team competed at St. Ambrose University on Wednesday. 

This year is Cole Washburn’s ‘21 first time running track, and he attended the track meet on Tuesday at Wartburg. His goals for this season are getting fitter in general and running a five minute mile, but most of all he’s excited to bond with others that he might not otherwise talk to. 

“It was my first meet ever,” Washburn said. “This time it was only the runners and hurdlers that went [to Wartburg].”

Mitchell Wilkes ‘20 agreed that his personal times were good but there were some disappointments along with achievements throughout the team. 

“Some people were displeased with their results,” Wilkes said. “Some people were sick, some people didn’t do much winter training and were out of shape, [but] some didn’t do any winter training and did incredibly well.” 

Students like Oisin Leopold ‘20 with a 6.73 in the 55HH, Giovanni Housson ‘20 with a 6.71 in the 55 meter dash, and Kaleba Jack ‘20 placing first in the 55 meter dash with a time of 6.66, stood out at the meet at the University of Dubuque.

Like the Wartburg meet, the girl’s meet at St. Ambrose was indoors where the track is half the size of the normal outdoor tracks. Instead of a lap being 400 meters long, in inside tracks the laps are 200 meters in length.

“I prefer outdoor tracks just because I tend to do more  400 or 800,” said Lilly. “And it’s easier to just mentally to wrap my brain around doing like one big round [instead of] two smaller ones.” 

At the girls meet, Lilly Reynolds ‘21 ran the four by 400 meter relay which consisted of one team member, her sister, Eva Reynolds ‘23. The girls placed fourth in the four by four with a time of 4:25.73. 

“The team had one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior,” Lilly said. “It was also a really special race for me because my little sister Eva Reynolds was in the four by four, and I was anchoring while she was third.”