Best Buddies Annual Friendship Ball

Nathalie Nunez and Aala Basheir

This year’s annual Best Buddies Friendship Ball was held at West High School on March 7. 

Associate and Peer buddies arrived at West High at 7:00 pm accompanied by the University of Iowa’s program. 

“I was shocked that everyone was so inclusive. I don’t think anyone was ever left out,” Kimberly Marquez ‘22 said. “It was very heartwarming” 

Although this is Marquez’s second year in City High’s Best Buddies Program, it was her first year attending the Eastern Iowa Friendship ball. 

“I’m extremely happy I joined Best Buddies,” Marquez said. “Best Buddies creates an environment that’s all-inclusive and I am lucky to be a part of that.” 

Laura Schwab, Director of the Best Buddies program at City High, says she is excited for next years Friendship Ball because it is her favorite event of the year.

“This has been the best year of the eight years I’ve done it, in terms of peer to peer relationship,” Schwab said. “I want people to be aware that almost every single one of the friendships we’ve paired this year have turned into something great.”

There were thirty-five buddy pairs this year, not including the many associate members that attend events. The following events for this year will include a talent show and kickball/volleyball game.