Athlete Profile: Lucy Corbin and Aaron Rutherford on Staying Fit at Home

Two varsity athletes, Lucy Corbin and Aaron Rutherford, on staying fit and prepared for when they can compete again after quarantine. Corbin 22’ runs track and cross country and Rutherford ‘22 plays soccer.


Rachel Marsh

Photos courtesy of Lucy Corbin and Matthew Brown.

Rachel Marsh, Reporter

Every day around 8:40 in the morning, she gets up and goes out on a run. Sometimes threshold pace, sometimes all out, sometimes a nice easy 2-4 miles. Afterward, it’s straight to a Chloe Ting core workout, shower, and to schoolwork. Lucy Corbin ‘22 is a varsity track and cross country athlete finding a way to stay in shape during the cancellation of school and her sport.

“When I heard the track was canceled, I was able to understand it better than when I heard it was postponed. Between the time of being suspended and canceled, I had time to understand how quarantine and this virus could affect this year,” Corbin said. 

Since the cancellation, high school coaches are not allowed to contact or help athletes with their workouts. In order to continue training, Corbin has been giving herself workouts including running around her pond as fast as she can and making up threshold distances and paces. 

I have to say there are some struggles in training alone just because I’m used to my teammates being there with me. I do feel upset thinking about this season’s cancellation, but two of the main things I like about the season are running and the team, and I have both of those still. My teammates still reach out to one another, which makes us stronger as a team,” Corbin said.

Unlike track, soccer is quite difficult to practice with only one person. One way to cope with that is going to City High’s upper grass field, as the turf has been closed. The area has a sign posted that it can be used for individual wellness, which is exactly what Aaron Rutherford ‘22 is doing. Rutherford goes there a few days a week and passes with his teammate Matthew Brown, more than six feet apart. Rutherford has also been going on runs, bike rides, and circuit workouts to stay fit and ready for when he can play again. Every Sunday at 10 in the morning, Rutherford and his soccer team do a workout over zoom as well. 

“I would really encourage it! It’s a great way to use all this extra time we have now. Working out has positively affected me because after you finish a hard workout it makes you feel good about yourself. Also, it has helped me put a little structure into my day because I know I’m going to do this kind of workout on this day and a different workout another day,” Rutherford said.