Surprise! You Don’t Actually Hate Reading


Sophia Wagner, Reporter

There are three options for why you are reading this. One, you, like me, are tired of people saying “I don’t like to read” when they have not picked up a book in ages. Two, you haven’t picked up a book in ages and want to see why I am annoyed with you. Of course, there is also the third option, which is that you are simply a die-hard fan of “The Little Hawk” and are analyzing the issue. In that case, I’m quite surprised. I was not aware that we had such die-hard fans. You should reach out to us. We could gain a great story from it. 

Anyway, for the moment I’m going to be targeting the second reader I mentioned. And to say the least, I’m disappointed. Now, I know what you’re thinking: who allowed this pompous girl holding a paperback to stand on her little box and get angry about a matter which does not impact her in the slightest? But that’s where you’re wrong. It does impact me. In the last month, I have had numerous (and by that I mean the number one, as in one person) people tell me how much they hate reading. How it takes too long. How they could just go see the movie. 

Allow me to set me set the scene for you: you go to a movie theater; you pay a lot of money for the ticket (but it’s okay because it’s a local nonprofit theater with really comfortable chairs and you’re supporting the community); you snack on your popcorn (finishing it off during the trailers and then vowing that next time you come you’ll keep it at your feet until the movie actually starts); finally, the opening credits come on. I digress. I am actually quite a fan of local theaters, however, that’s not what this article is about. My point is that you could feasibly hate that movie. It could be the worst thing that you have ever seen. Do you know what you’ll do in response? For the sake of time, let me tell you. You’ll complain to your friends. Maybe leave a bad review on Rotten Tomatoes or Yelp or something. Is it obvious that I don’t know how either of those sites work? Whatever. However, dear reader, do you know what you won’t do? You will not swear that all movies are awful. You will not say that, hey, you just don’t like movies anymore. That one really ruined it for you. What you will do is wait a bit and then go see another movie. This time it changes your life, and your wardrobe. 

All that I’m asking is for you to take just a little bit of this mindset and apply it to literature. You don’t have to love every book that you read. Hey, if you’re reading a book that you can’t get through, why not just stop reading it and move on. No one is telling you to do otherwise. I read quite a bit. A name tag with the word “bookworm” has been pinned to my chest since preschool. On another note, I would like to petition for a different nickname than “bookworm.” It’s quite unflattering. Anyway, there are books that I hate. I’m not going to say what they are, as I have yet to receive hate mail and I don’t plan on getting any anytime soon. However, when you say that you don’t read because you find books “boring” or “hard to get through,” it’s hard for me to take you seriously. I know this might surprise you, but some books are “boring” and “hard to get through.” Some books, quite frankly, are awful, but others are indeed wonderful. I’d be happy to lend you this paperback.