Class of 2021 Homecoming Court Announced


Emme Perencevich

Homecoming court for the class of 2021 was announced on Wednesday, October 14

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Executive Editor

Even with COVID-19 changing the way classes are run, the high school tradition of homecoming court is still going strong. The fourteen seniors chosen for the class of 2021 homecoming court are Joseph Bacon, Jae Dancer, Megan Fields, Josiah Fischer, Katherine Geerdes, Adam Holmes, Thomazin Jury, Ayana Lindsey, Zoe Meaney, Elliot Murray, Lillian Reynolds, Egan Smith, Melanie Tran-Duong, and Rocco Zollo.

This is the court’s second year being genderless and allowing fourteen people of any gender identity onto the court instead of seven girls and seven boys.

Voting for the two homecoming royals, previously known as king and queen, will open on the morning of Friday, October 23 and the court slideshow will be shown during advisory.