How COVID is Affecting Clubs

Paris Fuller, News Editor

During COVID the school district has made many changes for a safe return to school including hybrid in-person and online learning, half a capacity of tables in study hall, desks six feet apart, and no going off campus to eat. Many activities such as sports and clubs are up in the air with scheduling their own meeting times to fit around the hybrid schedule and figuring out how to do covid friendly activities. 

“Even if students are in a fully online program, they would be welcome to come to after school clubs. Other clubs will be finding ways to meet virtually,” Principal John Bacon said. “Our hope is that all clubs will get back up and running soon. I think fairly soon we will be back into the hybrid/in-person days. Once that happens, clubs will be allowed to meet in person.” 

Some clubs, such as Best Buddies, are already meeting. 

“We meet roughly once a week on Zoom with our Leadership Team and will most likely not be meeting in person socially distanced for the time being,” Harper Denniston ‘21, who is on the board of Best Buddies, said. ”We are planning future activities right now. It is sometimes very hard to make concrete plans because things are constantly changing but we are still gonna be putting out ways to participate this year.” 

Many clubs have had to make adjustments during this time besides just meetings.

”We obviously can’t do our parties anymore but will be having Zoom parties and House Parties and are still gonna have a lot of fun things set up for members. We are also going to be working with peer buddies to give them ideas on things to do with their buddies. Finding things to do at the beginning of a friendship is always a challenge, but especially now so we really want pairs to feel that there are still fun ways to bond during this time,” Denniston said. 

Club sponsors are also having trouble coping with the many new changes and last-minute switch-ups.

“I am concerned about our ability to run effectively,” Dr. Jill Humston, club sponsor of Interact, said. 

“So many students want to do good work but we are going to be severely limited in terms of what that will look like. Our club is a service club, which organizes and carries out group volunteer activities. We are going to have to be creative in ways that will help our community,” Humston said. 

As of now, clubs are finding ways to still be able to carry on.

“We are going to be holding zoom meetings instead of meetings in my classroom. There won’t be the same opportunities for group projects or events. We are going to brainstorm new ways of service at our first meeting on Wednesday,” Humston said.

Mr. Bacon sent out emails asking interested students to sign up for clubs. This in turn could help get new members as well as more club recognition.