New Teacher Profile – Brett Finger

Henry Mildenstein, Web Editor


After graduating from City High, Brett Finger found his way back to the school as a teacher. He worked at Tate High School the previous year, but when an opening as a math teacher arose, he returned to his alma mater. 

Originally starting as an accountant, Finger began teaching after a change of heart that inspired him to get a teaching degree from the University of Iowa.

“I didn’t enjoy accounting so I reevaluated what would be fulfilling. I quit my accounting job and became an associate for a year. I learned that I loved being at school and helping students, so I went back and got my teaching degree,” Finger said.

This year, he’s teaching Algebra one, Geometry, and Algebra two Honors.

“I’ve always been good at math [and] been really interested in it. I know that a lot of people don’t necessarily feel that way, so I enjoy teaching math to make sure other people can enjoy [math], or understand it better than they did before.” Finger said.

When it comes to teaching, his golden rule is that students come first. 

“The rest of the rules can be bent as long as students are learning what they need to learn,” Finger said.

Outside of school, Finger spends a lot of time with his wife, baby, and dogs.

“We have two golden retrievers, and we just had a baby girl, I like spending time with them for sure,” Finger said. 

Over quarantine, Finger has spent time working on some things around his house.

“We just moved into our house a year ago so there always projects around the house. We did a ton of stuff to our house, I learned some new things like changing out a sink and other handywork,” Finger said.

Another thing that Finger enjoys is spending time outside and watching sports. Like many people, the restrictions on normal day to day activities has inspired Finger’s family to keep spending time outside.

“Quarantine has allowed us to spend time outside and do things that we enjoy outside. We’ve been on lots of bike rides and gone camping a couple times as well. It’s not too different from a normal summer but it’s been a great thing to do,” Finger said.

Overall Finger is hopeful for his first year.

“I’m just trying to enjoy my first year at City, I want to help my students though [the] online and hybrid craziness by making the best of it,” Finger said.