Kongalo Mwenemkamba Ranked 25th Kicker in the Country for Class of 2022


Natalie Green

Kicker Kongolo Mwenenkamba ’22 kicks off during the second half of the football game against Liberty.

Noah Pavelich, Tech Editor

On Sunday, January 24th, Kongalo Mwenemkamba ‘22 was ranked 25th in the nation by the National Kicking Rankings for the class of 2022.

“When I learned I was 25th in the nation, I didn’t actually believe it. I kept on refreshing the page,” Mwenemkamba said. “When the ranking people messaged me and told me, that’s when I told myself it’s real. Then I told my mom and dad, they didn’t get what it was at first but after I explained it to them they were surprised too.”

Mwenemkamba started playing football in 8th grade for South East. The 2020 football season was the first that he played for the City High varsity football team. As the starting kicker, he kicked a total of 1228 yards, kicked off 29 times, and had an 89% PAT success rate.

“I like football because it’s a competitive game and it’s a team sport,” Mwenemkamba said.

In preparation for his 2021 season, Mwenemkamba is working to improve his game and stay positive. He has received some letters from colleges, but he has not decided where he wants to go. 

“I have to be patient, but I don’t care who gives me offers because any college to me is a life-changing opportunity,” Mwenemkamba said.