What the Signs Will Be Doing on Valentine’s Day

Paris Fuller, News Editor

Aries: You’ll be opening one of the thousand Valentine’s you got, too bad they’re not from the person you actually like.

Leo: You’ll be chasing a new love interest; a different from last week and the week before. Just because they compliment your shirt doesn’t make them the one, Leo.

Aquarius: You’re gonna spend the entire day trying to set up your friends with each other because you’re tired of them complaining they’re single. Who cares, life needs a little excitement.  

Taurus: Taurus you were trying to plan a Galentine’s day but fell asleep and forgot to text everyone back. 

Scorpio: You’ll be comparing how many gifts you got to other people, spoiler alert you win.

Virgo: You’ll be researching the best gift to give your significant other. You’ll gather up everything they’ve ever said and through hundreds of hours of research and find the perfect gift.

 Gemini: Gemini is trying to plan a gift exchange with all their friends because who doesn’t want a nice box of chocolates?

Capricorn: You’ll be working a 10 hour shift because you completely forgot it’s Valentine’s day. Maybe you’ll pick up some chocolates, at a discount of course.

Sagittarius: You’ll be breaking up with your significant other… don’t worry, commitment can be scary to anybody!

Cancer: You’ll be trying to figure out if those candy hearts with the messages are targeted at you. Lol, don’t take things so personally. 

Pisces: You’ll be calling that boy you went out on a date with two days ago because you’re convinced he’s your soulmate. He might just think the same though.

Libra: You’ll be spending Valentine’s day with your ex, come on Libra we all know you still have feelings for them.