Staff Editorial: Joe Biden is the Right Person For America

Recently inaugurated President Joe Biden’s swift action and bipartisan healing agenda might be what a divided America needs during these urgent, unprecedented times


Isaac Bullwinkle, Opinion Editor

President Joe Biden began his historic inauguration speech with words of optimism. “Today is America’s day. Today is democracy’s day.” 

Biden spoke of America’s strength and the resilience of the Constitution. As we depart from the Trump administration, the ongoing threat of fascism departs with it. With the beginning of the Biden administration, issues that have been begging for answers for too long like climate change, immigration, and racism in our country will finally be addressed. 

President Biden’s administration will also address the more pressing issues of our time today. Instead of being largely ignored by the old President, issues like stimulus checks, eviction moratoriums, and effective nationwide vaccine distribution will be at the forefront of Biden’s agenda. Americans in dire need of these reliefs will get what they have been deserving for far too long. 

Not only will Biden’s administration address issues of our nation, but it will also address the nation’s soul as well. Joe Biden is the perfect person to revert the ongoing polarization of America. Rather than partaking in the increasing polarization in our country, Biden will work to bring us together, not further apart. Biden knows Americans; He has spent 50 years of his life in public service, an unimaginable amount of time spent helping others. Biden lost his wife and daughter to a car crash and his son to cancer. He understands how Americans are deeply lost, and he knows how to find them. 

 What does the restoration of the soul of our nation mean? It means providing a helping hand to anyone who needs it regardless of any differences or preconceived notions one has about them. It means treating everyone equally under the law and under the constitution. It means coming together to overcome our differences, and it means working together for a better future for our children and our children’s children. 

Joe Biden is not perfect by any means, but he is what America needs right now. As Biden said in his inauguration address, the restoration of the soul of our nation requires the unity of that nation’s people. And who better to unify the American people than Joe Biden.