City High Implements the Regular Parking Policy as Students Return to Campus


Georgia Kimm

The upper lot, or jock lot, at City High is for juniors and seniors

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Executive Editor

After COVID-19 hit last spring, City High’s parking woes from the past year were forgotten. Now that in-person students are at school every day and there are more cars pulling into the parking lots, conflict has arisen between upperclassmen and underclassmen.

“It’s really frustrating when underclassmen park in the upper lot,” Madi Hellwig ‘21 said. “For the past three years, my grade hasn’t been able to park up there, and this year was supposed to be the year we could, but the underclassmen take sports from us.”

City High principal John Bacon explained that now that there are more students on campus, the regular policy is back in place. Seniors and juniors can park in the upper lot, while sophomores and freshmen can park in the lower lots.

We just think that is fair because that is the way it is every year,” Bacon said. “Our juniors and seniors have had a difficult last couple of years, and I feel this is a small perk we can do for them.”

Hellwig feels like being able to park in the upper lot is a nice thing to have during her senior year, given that so much has been different.

“We already don’t get so many things [for] our senior year, it feels like we should at least get to have the jock lot,” Hellwig said.

While underclassmen won’t be able to park in the upper lot, because there are fewer students on campus, the lower lot will be less full and students won’t have to park off-campus.

The freshman and sophomores’ time will come for premier parking at the school that leads,” Bacon said.