Raw Bacon Super Qualifier

Julius Perez, Reporter

Raw Bacon, the City High robotics team, has been practicing and competing this year in a much different way, due to the pandemic. They are a team of builders, coders, drivers, coaches, and notebookers who work together to get a Robot into a competition and win. Team members play pieces in the puzzle that Raw Bacon puts together. In the first weekend of April they participated in the Super Qualifier, their biggest competition of the year so far. 


“We thought we did really well,” Keith Freistad ‘21 said. “But then we didn’t advance.”


The team felt they had been working extremely hard to get ready for the competition. They practiced after school to make sure every aspect of the robot was ready to go for the Super Qualifier. Freistad felt this has been a good year for Raw Bacon.


“Our robot has just been solid the whole year, our driving was really good,” Freistad said. 


Freistad mentioned that they had some technical difficulties with our battery voltage dropping and our controllers disconnecting. 


“We were able to come back from that and still do decently well. All of our documentation was good. We had a lot of outreach, we thought we were pretty well rounded,” Freistad said. 


“Collaboration is incredibly important,” Marcus Miller ‘23 said when asked about the fundamentals of Robotics.


Miller is a builder, he works on the design process in assembling the robot. Miller believes that working with others, whether it’s your team preparing for a competition or during when you have to collaborate with kids from different schools, is at the heart of robotics. 


“I feel friendship and community is at the core of our team. We all work so well together and I consider everyone on the team a friend of mine including our coaches,” Cecilia Clark ‘22 said.