Girls Wrestling to Come Next Year

The City High Athletic Department has announced that it will be welcoming a girls wrestling program into the winter sports season. The girls will combine with West High to form a team.


Alison Kenaston

Sophia Strathearn ’21 posing in the City High wrestling room with her West High girls wrestling uniform.

Rachel Marsh, Photo Editor, Reporter

Starting next year, City High will have a girls wrestling team. This new development from the City High athletic department was announced in early March by Athletic Director Philip Hansen and Principal John Bacon.

We put out an interest form to see how many City High Little Hawks would be interested in women’s wrestling next year,” Hansen said. “Right now, 10 people have stated they are interested, [through] the form that was sent to all students.” 

For a 4A school, 10 people interested in a sport is not enough to justify a whole program for it, so the administration will be combining the City girls wrestling program with the West High girls wrestling program to form one team. The girls season will be at the same time as the boys season, making it a winter sport.

Right now, women’s wrestling is not sanctioned by the IGHSAU. Other schools have teams but most are clubs or connected to the boys team,” Hansen said.

Though they are working on a team, there is still uncertainty surrounding the exact details of matches and competitions, as this is a newer sport. 

The goal is to get enough girls interested in wrestling to have our own City High Women’s wrestling team. Get involved and try something new!” Hansen said.